Traditional medical education provides only part of the skill set expected of modern health professionals. In the EDU Bachelor of Medicine, we take a broader view and ask applicants to demonstrate social skills and team competences as well. Communicative, empathic and social abilities are as important as high cognitive skills. Prior professional training in a medical profession and/or volunteer experience in the field are additional assets that demonstrate your interest in and commitment to the medical field.
As we want applicants to become familiar with this approach, the application process is highly inclusive. We test competencies that are the most relevant for medical professionals to succeed in a sophisticated three-stage procedure.

From the moment you have submitted your complete application to receiving the news that you have been accepted, can take up to 10 weeks. In the meantime, we are happy to respond to any questions you may have. 

The application process to join the EDU Bachelor of Medicine runs in three stages: The first stage is the submission of an online application, the second is an online test, while the third and final stage is an interview.
Tuition and Other Costs
A medical education at EDU is a smart investment in your future now. Please check out our Tuition and Fee section for details.
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